From household appliances, power tools, computer equipment and more. The cost of damaged electronics and appliances can add up quickly. Fire and Smoke, Water Ingress and Power Surges are just a few ways that damage can occur. Inspection of such items is an important step in identifying if your electronics and appliances have been damaged beyond repair. Fire and Smoke damage to electronics and appliances may not be immediately obvious, with irreversible damage occurring over time. Internal Soot contamination may react with moisture in the atmosphere and corrode electronic circuitry and components weeks and even months following a loss event.

Water ingress left unchecked can cause potentially hazardous outcomes and affect the functionality of your items. Focus Restoration provides a comprehensive inspection, assessment and restoration service for damaged electronics and appliances. Items are individually inspected and assessed for damage and suitability of restoration. Items suitable for restoration can be cleaned and restored on site or removed to our specialist facility to undergo decontamination and testing.

Do you need help in identifying and validating damaged Electronics and Appliances?

Focus Restoration can provide a comprehensive itemised inventory of non- alvageable goods; including Brands, Model, Serial, Specifications, Status and Cause of loss in one convenient report.